Courtroom Decorum


  • Order shall be maintained at all times. Violation of this or any rule can result in a reprimand by the Judge, expulsion from courtroom or contempt of court, which could result in a fine and/or 3 days in jail.
  • At the discretion of Court Security (Bailiff) any persons entering the courts may be subject to a pat search at any time and inspection of any items carried into the courtroom.
  • All attorneys and parties should always be on time for Court appointments or sessions.
  • Rise when the Judge enters and remain standing until the Judge or Bailiff announces Be seated, or until the Judge is seated. Rise when the Judge exits the Courtroom and while addressing the Court or jury.
  • Do not approach the Judge's bench without permission.
  • Do not speak or interrupt the Judge when he is speaking.
  • A party should not by facial expression, nodding, nor other conduct exhibit any opinion, adverse or favorable, concerning any testimony which is being given by a witness. The attorney should privately admonish his or her own clients and witnesses to avoid such conduct.


For your safety, weapons of all types (guns, chemical spray, knives, etc.) are not permitted on courthouse property or in the courtroom unless you are a member of law enforcement in the discharge of your duties. Having a concealed handgun permit is not an exception to this rule.

Electronic Devices (Computers / Tablets / iPads / Cell Phones / Pagers)

It is strongly recommended that you leave cell phones and pagers in your vehicle. If this is not possible, these devices must be placed on silent mode. Use of the following in the Courtroom is prohibited (except for use by counsel):

  • Cell phones
  • Computers
  • iPads
  • Pagers
  • Tablets

Failure to obey this rule may result in the Bailiff confiscating your electronic device during the proceedings.


All persons present in the Courtroom shall be dressed in a manner that shows dignity and respect for the Court. The following is not appropriate dress:

  • Baggy-Saggy Pants/Pajama Top or Bottoms
  • Flip-Flop Shoes
  • Hats/Caps
  • Mini-Skirts
  • Provocative clothing designed or worn to provoke emotion or disruption
  • Shirts with violent or offensive logos, pictures or writings
  • Shorts/cut-offs
  • Spandex or see-through clothing
  • Sunglasses
  • Tops such as:
    • Halter Tops
    • Spaghetti Straps
    • T-shirts
    • Tank Tops
    • Tube Tops

All clothing should be neat and clean. A male attorney appearing in Court should be dressed with a coat, shirt and necktie. A female attorney should wear comparable conservative attire.

Items Prohibited in the Courtroom

  • Computers/iPads/Tablets (except for those used by counsel
  • Food/drinks (except for water at counsel tables)
  • Inappropriate attire
  • Use of any type of recording device/camera/cell phones/pagers
  • Use of Tobacco Products in any form
  • Weapons of any type (guns, chemical spray, knives, etc.)