Law Library


Recreational reading material is available in the Jail. Inmates may have newspaper and magazine subscriptions. These items must be mailed directly from the publisher to the inmate by name. Publications containing the following material are prohibited:

  • Any material that is capable of being used to arouse interest or depicts graphic description of any sexual conduct.
  • Any item that displays or distributes any obscene photographs, drawings or similar visual representation or other obscene material that promotes simulated sexual intercourse, deviate sexual intercourse, or any lewd exhibition of male or female genitals.
  • Newspapers, magazines, and books brought to the jail by individuals will not be accepted.

 Religious library pieces, such as books and study curricula which are not available in the library, are available by sending a request to the chaplain, if such material has been donated and is available.

Law Library

A collection of electronic legal reference materials are available in the Law Library for inmates who desire to prepare their own legal documents. Inmates must schedule visits to the law library by submitting a request or they may review legal documentation through the tablets available within their housing location.