Animal Control

The Animal Control Division is responsible for the investigation of:

  • Animal Bite Reports
  • Animal Cruelty Cases
  • Loose Livestock
  • Rabies Exposure
  • Strays

The Animal Control Officers are also responsible for the animal control ordinances for the county, which were passed October 13, 1997. The ordinances apply to all unincorporated areas of the county (outside a municipality.)

Animal Control Fees

  • Exotic or Wild Animals
    • No wild or exotic animals allowed in Wise County.
  • Livestock:
    • Hauling/per head: $50
    • Release fee/per head: $25
  • Roundup, Loading and Care of Livestock Assessed by Contractor
    • Impound/per head (Large: horse, cow and bull): $75
    • Impound/per head (Small: goats, sheep, hog and flightless bird): $50
    • Livestock feed/per day/per animal: $5

County Ordinances

  1. Impound
  2. Interference
  3. Nuisance
  4. Ownership
  5. Rabies
  6. Restraint of Animals
  7. Vaccinations
  8. Wild Animals

It shall be the duty of the Animal Control Officer to impound all dogs, cats, or other animals suspected of being infected with rabies and all animals exposed to, or suspected of being exposed to an animal infected by rabies; animals that have bitten a person; and animals which are strays, at large, or unrestrained. 

License Tagged Animals

Animals impounded that have license tags or identification will be held 10 days; animals bearing no tags or identification will be held 3 days. Any animal impounded may be redeemed by the owner within three days upon payment of an impoundment fee.